3 on 3 Pond Hockey

Summer 2022: June 6th through July 29th

Take the ice this summer and join us for our 3 on 3 Pond Hockey Youth League. Our Youth Pond Hockey League features an eight week season with three games per week, seven skaters and one goalie per team, and a final game to award the season’s winner the opportunity to hoist the cup!

See below for registration and more details on league information and rules.







  1. Registration for this league is by individual only. For the best possible balance of teams, no team registrations will be held.
  2. Registrants may request to play with one another. The Hockey Lab will do its best to grant everyone’s request but not all requests may be granted. Requests are considered only in the interest of team balancing.

League Structure

Season Structure

  1. Number of total games per team: 24
  2. Number of games per week: 3
  3. Number of games per gameday: 3
  4. 25 minute Consolation game at end of season
  5. 25 minute Championship game
  6. A referee will be on the ice during gameplay
  7. A scorekeeper will be responsible for keeping the score
  8. Individual player stats will not be tracked for this season

Team Roster Structure

  1. Four teams for each league/division
  2. A total of seven skaters and one goalie per team


  1. Jerseys will not be provided. Each player must have a dark colored jersey and a light colored (preferably white) jersey for “home” and “away” designations respectively.

Game Structure & Rules

  1. Each game will be one period in length for a total of 18 minute games.
  2. A one minute warmup time will be available before the start of each game.
  3. Any penalties that take place during play will result in a player change.
  4. No tie games. All games will have a determined winner. If the score results in a tie at the end of regulation play, a shootout will occur to determine the winner.
  5. No hitting for all age groups.
  6. Line changes every 60 seconds.

Team Standings

  1. Standings will be based on a point system. The point structure is as follows:
    1. Win: 2 (two) Points
    2. Loss: 0 (zero) Points
    3. Shootout/tiebreaker Win: 2 (two) Points
    4. Shootout/tiebreaker Loss: 0 (zero) Points
  2. If two teams are tied for a position, the following stats will be considered in order to determine the position in the standings:
    1. Most wins
    2. Highest goal differential (goals for/goals against)
    3. Most goal scored
    4. Least goal allowed