Spring Tryout Prep

Our Spring Program is designed to help players of all skill levels improve their game. Our 6 week camp will focus on tryout preparation and a variety of key skills, puck management, deception, and hockey IQ, including body contact (age appropriate).

  • Puck Management: Key component of our camp. Players will work on stickhandling, passing and shooting to help improve overall puck control.

  • Deception: Often overlooked but important to the game. Players will use fake shots and other deceptive moves to confuse opponents and create scoring opportunities.

  • Hockey IQ: Players will be challenged to think critically about the game and develop their understanding of positioning, spacing, and decision making.

  • Small Area Battles: Players will improve competitiveness and develop skills in high pressure situations.

  • Tryout Preparation: Players will learn what coaches look for during tryouts and will be given opportunities to showcase their skills in a variety of drills and games.

Overall our hockey camp is a comprehensive program that will help players improve their overall game and reach their full potential. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you are sure to benefit from our experienced coach and challenging curriculum.

2005-2010 Birth Years

$840 for 6 weeks

4:30-5:00 PM warm up
5:00-5:15 PM dress
5:15-6:15 PM on ice instruction

Dynamic warm-ups before to prepare the body for the demands of the session ahead. By incorporating this type of warm-up into your routine, you can improve your performance, reduce the risk of injury and increase your overall well-being.

Body contact. Players will practice how to effectively use their bodies to protect the puck and make plays. This will help boost confidence when making contact with opponents on the ice.

2011-2017 Birth Years

$600 for 6 weeks

5:15-6:15 PM on ice instruction